About Us

Why ATX?

ATX Healthcare has built itself an appreciable & treasured reputation in this field. We have been consulting top-notch companies and have been providing them with highly satisfactory results and profitable decisions which heavily contributes to where they are now! Certified-guaranteed results. So, sit back and relax, ’cause we got you covered!



No more searching for candidates & constantly worrying about vacancies & interviews. We would provide the best suited professionals with expertise.


With a better input, you’d find yourself a larger margin and streams of profit flowing your way!


With trained professionals & improved quality, your company would represent itself with a better recognition in the market, with higher chances of being referred.

Recognition & Added-Value

Our clients have built themselves a better market value, in terms of economy & recognition. You can be the next big thing!

Hassle-free payment

All the stress about benefits & pay would be our duty so put your focus onto better things.

Why we would be great partners?

Finest Employees

We offer the best and we pay the best. Simple! We cover our employees with insurance, bonuses, etc. and they also get the opportunity to work in leading medical facilities.


Knowing the cost of recruitment and the time-consuming task that it is, are you actually willing to do it all by yourself when you have a economically beneficial option right in front of you? Our clients have saved huge amounts of money by leveling out the recruitment stage.

Always there for you

With opportunities knocking at your door, you should welcome it with open arms. So, why wait?

Give us a call at: (800) 557-0859

If you ever need any support, assistance or just feel like talking to someone, contact us, we can be connected 24/7. Anytime, anywhere, just for you.