About Us

Why ATX?

ATX Learning has built a brand and a name that is not only trusted by industry leaders but also cherished by our staff and partners over years of continuous service across sectors.

ATX Learning Healthcare is dedicated to connecting reputable organizations that need qualified staff. Our goal is to not only become an ethical industry leader but to become a people-focused powerhouse in the healthcare staffing sector.



No more looking for candidates and worrying about openings and interviews all the time. The most qualified specialists with expertise would be offered by us.


Our stringent quality standards, which have allowed us to scale new heights, are at the heart of our foundation; at every step, we double-check and maintain our quality control measures.


With our modern approach, we make sure that overall costs go down while input quality goes up. Hence, at the end of the day giving a higher margin to all beneficiaries.

Recognition & Added-Value

By working with us and getting to know us, our customers have built up their own economic and social capital. In simple words, we have been the cherry on the cake.

Always there for you

With opportunities knocking at your door, you should welcome it with open arms. So, why wait?

Give us a call at: (800) 557-0859

If you ever need any support, assistance or just feel like talking to someone, contact us, we can be connected 24/7. Anytime, anywhere, just for you.